Saturday, November 29, 2014

You name IT: New compact lightweight 3,5 tons winch

Bezares is proud to announce our new compact and lightweight whinch for up to 3,5 Tons. available on Q1 2015 and we will love to have your help to name it! (form at the end of the post)

Its simplified design summarize the Bezares experience designing and refining its whinch technology, with special focus on improved efficiency, compact housing, reduced weight and internal parts number without sacrificing its performance, resunting in the Best technical features in a reduced unit.

Among the many improvements in this new winch we could highlight:

~15% width reduction
~20Kg lighter
~45% less internal components
Sun wheel gear integrated at the Housing

A. Internal oil lubrication

B. Bi-rotational. Flexible installation. Integral full load holding, with overcentre valve and sintered bronce clutch discs.

C. Steel made drum

D. Tempered aluminium frame/-supports

E. 100% protected against washing pressure machines. Special sealed construction.

This new winch is in advanced test phase and will be available in Q1 2015,
meanwhile how about helping us to find the perfect name for it?

Friday, November 28, 2014

Bezares is participating as expositor at BC India 2014 from December 15th to 18th

bC India 2013

Has been a busy events year for Bezares, and nothing better to close it with our first appearance at the bC India, International Trade Fair for Construction Machinery, Building Material Machines, Mining Machines and Construction Vehicles.

Taking place from December 15 to 18, 2014 at the India Expo Centre in Greater Noida / Delhi. Bc India, after just two editions, has developed into one of the most important trade fairs for construction machinery, building material machines, mining machines and construction vehicles in the Middle East and India, being the perfect place for Bezares to show its many hydraulic innovations including its new product lines and technologies, with focus on increased efficiency and reduced operational and maintenance costs, perfectly adapted for developing markets.

India continues to be one of the most dynamic markets for the global construction machinery industry: In 2016 around 80,000 units are expected to be sold in this large nation in South Asia. The Indian government also has plans to make funding available for a wide range of projects. Things are definitely moving in this market, all of which spells good prospects for the industry and great business opportunities for Bezares and its partners to attend the increasing demand for higher quality products with low operational and maintenance costs.

Visit us at: H5 , E24

Monday, November 17, 2014

Bezares' new corporate video

Check out the new 
Bezares' corporate video, filmed in 2014.

Recorded in high definition is a great opportunity to know our modern facilities in Casarrubios del Monte (Toledo) as well as the 
company's history and vision. 

Feel free to leave your comments and impressions on Youtube.

Friday, November 14, 2014

New PTO to fit at positions 2 and 4 for right or left mounting on Eaton Fuller

New PTO to fit at positions 2 and 4 for right or left mounting on Eaton Fuller 

Bezares has developed new PTOs to fit at positions 2 and 4 for right or left mounting on Eaton Fuller Transmissions with gears positioned at the back of the transmission opening. 

 Based on the compact and robust 4100 series design, its reliability and durability has been proven at the most demanding applications, making the New Bezares 4X00 PTOs the safe choice for low maintenance Hydraulic Systems. 

 Available with multiple internal ratios option (57%, 70%, 86% or 115%) and outputs types (ISO pumps, drive flange, etc) the new 4X00 Series PTOs can be used at the most diverse systems and applications.

See Technical Data Sheet »

Friday, November 7, 2014

New 35l polyethylene oil tanks 90PS03T

As part of Bezares' commitment in providing Specific Products for the most diverse Hydraulic systems and Applications, we proudly announce our new 35 liters polyethylene side-mounting Oil Tank, completing Our line of polyethylene tanks. With a light and durable design, incorporated Oil Filter, Cap with fuel vent, level indicator and brackets kit for Vehicle fixing is a complete product, perfectly adapted for various Hydraulic Applications, reducing time and costs .

With This New Model 90PS03T Bezares currently offers, within its polyethylene tanks range, side-mounting models with 25, 35 and 220 liter and a rear-mounting model with 115 liter.

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

New 10, 15 and 20 tons hydraulic recovery winches

Introducing our new range of hydraulic recovery winches for large tonnage with the highest security technology and the high quality inherent to Bezares products.

Equipped with a planetary gear, automatic multi-disc brakes in oil bath, braking valve, 4 directions rollers guide and *two speeds pneumatic gearbox, they have all the specifications and features to exceed at the harshes applications and environments with the security and reliability that only Bezares products can offer .

* Exclusive for 20-ton model

ModelCodeData Sheet
10 Ton.9028625
15 Ton.9028725
20 Ton.9028825

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Bezares participation at IAA 2014

Bezares SA is proud to summarize our participation at the 65th IAA Commercial Vehicles, the world’s leading trade fair for mobility. Despite the crisis, this year's event has a 9 per cent rise, with 2,066 exhibitors from 45 countries and over 1,000 visiting journalists from all over the globe. 
We where there, with a large number of exciting innovations in our product line as in his presentation at our booth. Taking centre stage on the stand was our new interactive catalog, where our guests and visitors could see internal details and move our new products line with touchless gestures in the air. Between the many news and developments shown at our booth we could highlight: 
  • New reinforced PTOs line 
  • New piston pumps line 
  • New lightweight winches 
  • New corporate video and electronic catalogs. 
  • and many more nw and exciting hydraulic components. 
Another highlight at the IAA was the extensive range of vehicles with electric drive that are on offer and for with Bezares also has new gearboxes developed. 
We would like to thanks everyone who visited us at IAA, we are excited about the many business opportunities found at this edition of IAA and are looking forward to see you all again next year.

Bezares exhibiting at Bauma China 2014 from November 25th to 28th

Bezares will will participate in the upcoming seventh edition of bauma China, the International Trade Fair for Construction Machinery, Building Material Machines, Construction Vehicles and Equipment Taking place at the Shanghai New International Expo Centre (SNIEC), between November 25 and 28. Bauma it is an annual fair and the largest industry event in the continent for this sector, turning it into a great opportunity to announce and display in Asia all the new technologies, products and developments from Bezares SA and TDZ, its brand for valves, vane pumps and motors. 

Despite the current recession, China is experiencing a great urban development. According to the German consultancy Far Eastern Consulting, every two days in China plans are drawn up for new residential and industrial districts the size of the Italian capital, Rome. The government-supported process of urbanization is seen in the People’s Republic as an important engine in the building sector and the economy as a whole. 

Visit us at : Hall 2 , Stand 410

New 3300 Series PTOs for gearboxes with 6 holes opening

The new 3300 series PTOS for gearboxes with 6 hole universal opening, is an evolution of the 3200 series with improvements in the lubrication system allowing it to be mounted in various positions without losing lubricity, ensuring proper operation and considerably expanding the PTO's lifespan, thereby reducing operation and maintenance costs.

These new developments, added to Bezares' manufacturing quality and quality control, makes the 3300 series one of the most versatile, reliable and durable PTOs on the market.

New 3131, 3151 and 3252 Series Position 1 PTOs

Bezares is pleased to announce the new 3131, 3151 and 3252 series PTOs mounted in position 1.

These three new series has, as main features, compact and robust design, with reduced weight and space that add versatility without reducing its strength and durability. Also incorporate an internal lubrication system, allowing it to work under harsh conditions without affecting their performance or durability. Therefore, the 3131, 3151 and 3252 series are the most advanced PTOs for Allison gearboxes with 10 lateral holes.

These new launches reinforce Bezares' commitment to continuous development of new products and technologies, incorporating new specifications and features to enable more competitive, economic and efficient hydraulic systems.

NOW AVAILABLE: New ZF double output with lower ratio

The new version of Bezares' dual PTO output, which has lower ratios (105 % and 129 %) than the standard ( 130 % and 172 %) is available for order.

This feature is perfect, but not exclusive, for the installation on automatic transmissions where engine - PTO ratio is generally higher than in the case of manual gearboxes. 

Another great advantage is the possibility of the PTO's rotation in order to use the ratio best suited for each application type.

The best PTO for Hino, now more compact and reinforced

In its improvement and growth policy, Bezares has developed a new generation of PTO's to cover the Hino range with 8 bolts opening.

This new generation has a better mounting flexibility and higher performances, by means of higher torques and powers to transmit. 

Also intermediate flanges and spacers have been removed, for a more compact, easier final product and installation. Alailable also for ISO 4 and UNI 3 outputs. Launch date: Q1 2015

New webpages for Bezares USA and Bezares Mexico!

Bezares keep pushing its new online pages and strategy with the revamped pages for our North american and Mexican subsidiaries. 

Now we have complete HTML5 webpages with easier interaction, social media integration, news, direct contact form, tablet and cellphone compatibility, newsletter subscription and everything you can expect from a modern webpage for Spain, UK, USA, Mexico, accounting for 60% of our visits. 

We are still working into a unified design for all our subsidiaries and international webpages, so you can expect more web-related news from us in the near future. Bezares USA: Bezares Mexico: Looking forward to receive your visit and don't hesitate in telling us what you think at the comments section or subscribing to our newsletter.

Bezares USA:
Bezares Mexico:

Looking forward to receive your visit and don't hesitate in telling us what you think at the comments section or subscribing to our newsletter.

Holidays in the November - March period

Bezares will be closed for holidays during the working days marked in red; however, minimum services will be maintained by the Commercial Department to attend any problems that might arise over this period.

Monday, June 30, 2014


Bezares has made it easier to fit side tanks to the new Actros vehicles, by providing new angle brackets that exactly fit the chassis of these vehicles. The brackets are made with the same mounting holes as those used on the vehicle chassis, saving on fitting time.
Support CodeOil Tank Type


Bezares has included in its manufacturing plant a new high-performance CNC lathe, with thermal stability, enhanced machining precision and incorporating the latest advances in machine tool technology.
The powerful motor incorporated into the spindle and sub-spindle, and its quick-change turret toolpost, allow for the automatic transfer of workpieces, thus eliminating intermediate machining stages and ensuring an excellent finish.
It also includes an extra shaft that allows simultaneous twin-axis machining in both drilling and complex milling operations, combining and synchronising these operations with the plate rotation and hence producing a completely finished part. 


From 25th September until 2nd October, Bezares will be displaying its latest products at the 65th IAA Commercial Vehicles fair. 
This round of the fair is notable for using more efficient and less polluting vehicles.
Come and visit our stand. We'll be waiting for you at Pavillion 26, Stand B15


During the first days of June, Bezares was at the Moscow International Exhibition Centre, displaying our products at an event focussed on truck hydraulics, which was well attended by the public.
Bezares plans to attend this event each year together with OOO BEZARES ROSSIYA and OOO SUNFAB.


From 29th April to 1st May, Bezares USA took part in this trade fair aimed at waste collection trucks, and met with great success due to the popularity of our products in the US market, both for the robust design of our PTO's and for the high quality of the components we use. We have also noticed a trend in this market towards more vane pumps and away from gear pumps. 
In the photo, from left to right: Larry Pickard (Sales Manager - Bezares USA) and Anartz Chanca (General Manager - Bezares USA).


We are pleased to advise that Bezares is preparing to take part in the next Bauma China, which will be held during November.


A high power PTO with built-in clutch for ZF ASTRONIC automatic gearboxes. Its special 5-bolt gearbox mounting flange allows pumps of greater size to be fitted. The shift is operated by the vehicle's own air pressure system. It is possible to operate the PTO while the vehicle is moving (advisable at engine idling speeds).
Ideal for waste collection trucks and similar, where the PTO is in continuous operation. Various internal ratios are available as options. A further advantage of this PTO is that in many cases it avoids reprogramming the vehicle's central processor, which is responsible for sending the engage/disengage signal to the clutch.
This adjustment is usually necessary when changing the operating conditions of the vehicle from the original factory presets.


Bezares has added two new output options for 800 series gearboxes:GZ for group 2 pumps, and GB for 3.5 group pumps, both of which are widespread in the market.
The 800 series is a dual-gear reinforced gearbox designed for agricultural applications, available in several ratios (1:1.5, 1:2.5, 1:3.8 and 1:4.5), and different input shaft configurations (male, female, through drive or mixed through) and various output types (ISO 4 hole, SAE B 2/4 hole, SAE C 4 hole, Group 3 pumps, etc). 
Check with our Sales Department.


In line with our system of continuous product improvement, Bezares has designed a new and even stronger version of our Scania ED-120 Engine PTO for more demanding applications, with continuous working torque increased to 400 Nm, compared to the 300 Nm of the previous PTO (7013104), which will now be replaced by this new and stronger version.
Technical Data Sheet


Bezares has been working on a new generation of PTO's for the Allison 'World Transmission Series', coming up with three new series (3131, 3151 y 3252) which are characterized by their smaller design and greater strength than the previous equivalent series (3100, 3150 and 3250). 
These three new series incorporate an internal lubrication system, which makes them easier to fit to the vehicle, saving time and simplifying the fitting of both the pressure hoses and the PTO itself. 
These are available with various internal ratios as well as in a wide variety of outputs (ISO 4 bolts, SAE B, SAE BB, SAE C, Drive Flange, etc).

Heavy Duty
Profile Type
Internal Lubrication
Electric over hydraulic
Electric over hydraulic
Maximum Intermittent Torque
670 Nm
500 Lb.Ft
670 Nm
500 Lb.Ft
550 Nm
410 Lb.Ft
Technical Data Sheet


We are updating, restructuring and simplifying our range of hydraulic mini power packs to make the ordering system easier. To this end, we have prepared a small 'minisystem configurator' which will generate a technical data sheet when you input details of the required components.
Additionally, as well as our traditional range of high quality tanks, in the coming weeks we will begin to sell a number of new tanks made of sheet-metal with the following capacities: 5, 8, 10, 12 and 15 liters


In the next few weeks Bezares will release a new and enhanced PTO with a 1:1.5 internal ratio, designed to work with a continuous maximum torque of up to 400 Nm.
As with the Fuller versions, these gearboxes are able to work at the vehicle's speed, adapting the engine speeds more closely to the needs of the application. 
The PTO includes an auxiliary piston which ensures good performance when in use at lower vehicle gears.


Bezares will be closed for holidays during the working days marked in red; however, minimum services will be maintained by the Commercial Department to attend any problems that might arise over this period.

SCANIA GR 875 /905, GRS 895 /905, GRSO 905

We would like to remind you that our Scania side PTO is well-suited for fitting with hydraulic pumps T1-81 or FR-60, onto the gearbox GR 875, GR 905, GRS 895, GRS 905 y GRSO 905, in vehicles with pneumatic or mechanical suspension.
As this is a high-ratio PTO, we can cover most applications with this pump size and avoid the lack of space caused by larger pumps on this type of vehicle.

Tuesday, March 18, 2014


Our flanged PTO kits allow flexibility in your warehouses. 

Using this system, first select the basic PTO, according to the internal ratio and the power and torque requirements for your application. Then complete the selection by specifying the gearbox on which to install the PTO, using the appropriate adaptor shaft (normal, retarder, etc). 

These are available for Mercedes gearboxes G131, G210, G221, G240, G260, G281, etc., and for the Volvo R1000, DT-2412C, etc.


Bezares develops hydraulic solutions for industry, such as this simple but powerful system, designed for fitting to static cranes. 

Equipped with a three-phase 30HP motor and an angled piston pump, it can supply an operating flow-rate of over 40L/min and up to 350 Bar under continuous working conditions.


This mini-system, configured for micro-systems, has been design-sized for the blades fitted to small bulldozers.

Since the requirements for flow-rate, dimensions and fitting location of the various components are exactly tailored to the client's needs, we have included a suitably sized pump and motor in this hydraulic mini-system, as well as a hydraulic block which meets the technical requirements of the application, while ensuring low power consumption, depending on the type of vehicle for which it is intended.


Bezares USA will be attending the Las Vegas Convention Centre (Nevada - USA) from 4th to 8th March, where we will be displaying our latest products.

The fair is expected to host some 125,000 visitors, who will be able to visit a total of 2,400 exhibiting companies from sectors related to concrete, earth-moving, mining, tarmac and heavy lifting.

We will waiting for you at: Central Area 3-5, Stand Nº 30607


Bezares USA will be attending the Indianapolis Convention Centre from 5th to 7th March. 

We will be showcasing our new products for the US market. This latest round of the show will attract more than 500 exhibiting companies, coming together in an exhibition area of some 500,000 square feet.

You will find us at Stand 5382

CTT 2014

Between 3rd and 7th June, Bezares will be in Russia for the 15th International Exhibition of Equipment and Technology for the Construction Industry, to be held in the International Exhibition Centre at Moscow Crocus Expo.

We will wait for you at Pavillion 3, Hall 13, Stand 13-216

FIMA 2014

Bezares successfully participated in the 38th International Agricultural Machinery Fair, held at the Zaragoza Exhibition Centre from 11th to 15th February.

A large number of visitors toured the show and took an active part in various activities running alongside the exhibition, demonstrating the wide range of visitors attending the show.


A reinforced low-profile PTO, designed to cover most of the applications on the market. Its main advantages are:

- Reduced size. It is a compact unit for continuous high performance work, capable of transmitting a maximum torque of up to 500Nm.

- Easy and quick assembly. Being internally lubricated, there is no need for a lubrication hose.

- The pump's mounting flange can be rotated to select the best of six possible positions, allowing maximum flexibility in its fitting to the vehicle.

- Available with various output flanges (SAE B, SAE BB, SAE C, ISO 4?bolt, etc.), as well as in various internal ratios.

This PTO with integral hydraulic shift and clutch is suitable for all gearboxes in the Allison World Transmission MD and HD range.


Bezares has lightened the weight of this PTO by manufacturing the housing from high strength tempered aluminium, without any loss of performance. At the same time, with the introduction of automatic transmission in these models, we have developed a rapid synchronization system, which improves the connection of the unit, allowing it to be coupled to the vehicle's clutch. 

Technical Data Sheet


To complete the range of engine PTO's for Scania vehicles, Bezares has developed a new PTO for fitting to Scania's ED-160 16 litre engines, which can utilise all the extra power offered by the Scania Euro 3, Euro 4, Euro 5 and V8 engines, both for continuous duty applications (refrigerated vehicles) and for intermittent use. This adaptor allows the fitting of a standard ISO pump, with 2 possible pump mounting positions. 

Technical Data Sheet