Tuesday, March 18, 2014


Our flanged PTO kits allow flexibility in your warehouses. 

Using this system, first select the basic PTO, according to the internal ratio and the power and torque requirements for your application. Then complete the selection by specifying the gearbox on which to install the PTO, using the appropriate adaptor shaft (normal, retarder, etc). 

These are available for Mercedes gearboxes G131, G210, G221, G240, G260, G281, etc., and for the Volvo R1000, DT-2412C, etc.


Bezares develops hydraulic solutions for industry, such as this simple but powerful system, designed for fitting to static cranes. 

Equipped with a three-phase 30HP motor and an angled piston pump, it can supply an operating flow-rate of over 40L/min and up to 350 Bar under continuous working conditions.


This mini-system, configured for micro-systems, has been design-sized for the blades fitted to small bulldozers.

Since the requirements for flow-rate, dimensions and fitting location of the various components are exactly tailored to the client's needs, we have included a suitably sized pump and motor in this hydraulic mini-system, as well as a hydraulic block which meets the technical requirements of the application, while ensuring low power consumption, depending on the type of vehicle for which it is intended.


Bezares USA will be attending the Las Vegas Convention Centre (Nevada - USA) from 4th to 8th March, where we will be displaying our latest products.

The fair is expected to host some 125,000 visitors, who will be able to visit a total of 2,400 exhibiting companies from sectors related to concrete, earth-moving, mining, tarmac and heavy lifting.

We will waiting for you at: Central Area 3-5, Stand Nº 30607


Bezares USA will be attending the Indianapolis Convention Centre from 5th to 7th March. 

We will be showcasing our new products for the US market. This latest round of the show will attract more than 500 exhibiting companies, coming together in an exhibition area of some 500,000 square feet.

You will find us at Stand 5382

CTT 2014

Between 3rd and 7th June, Bezares will be in Russia for the 15th International Exhibition of Equipment and Technology for the Construction Industry, to be held in the International Exhibition Centre at Moscow Crocus Expo.

We will wait for you at Pavillion 3, Hall 13, Stand 13-216

FIMA 2014

Bezares successfully participated in the 38th International Agricultural Machinery Fair, held at the Zaragoza Exhibition Centre from 11th to 15th February.

A large number of visitors toured the show and took an active part in various activities running alongside the exhibition, demonstrating the wide range of visitors attending the show.


A reinforced low-profile PTO, designed to cover most of the applications on the market. Its main advantages are:

- Reduced size. It is a compact unit for continuous high performance work, capable of transmitting a maximum torque of up to 500Nm.

- Easy and quick assembly. Being internally lubricated, there is no need for a lubrication hose.

- The pump's mounting flange can be rotated to select the best of six possible positions, allowing maximum flexibility in its fitting to the vehicle.

- Available with various output flanges (SAE B, SAE BB, SAE C, ISO 4?bolt, etc.), as well as in various internal ratios.

This PTO with integral hydraulic shift and clutch is suitable for all gearboxes in the Allison World Transmission MD and HD range.


Bezares has lightened the weight of this PTO by manufacturing the housing from high strength tempered aluminium, without any loss of performance. At the same time, with the introduction of automatic transmission in these models, we have developed a rapid synchronization system, which improves the connection of the unit, allowing it to be coupled to the vehicle's clutch. 

Technical Data Sheet


To complete the range of engine PTO's for Scania vehicles, Bezares has developed a new PTO for fitting to Scania's ED-160 16 litre engines, which can utilise all the extra power offered by the Scania Euro 3, Euro 4, Euro 5 and V8 engines, both for continuous duty applications (refrigerated vehicles) and for intermittent use. This adaptor allows the fitting of a standard ISO pump, with 2 possible pump mounting positions. 

Technical Data Sheet


We have included in our range of polyethylene tanks a new 25-litre size for side mounting. This new version includes as standard an oil filter, a level gauge, a filler cap with a fuel vapour vent and a kit of mounting brackets. All this at a very competitive price. Ask our Sales Department for further information. 

Technical Data Sheet


A new series of PTO's with dual rotation directions, allowing them to be used on winches or oil extraction equipment. These incorporate a double-acting piston which allows the appropriate direction of rotation to be selected. The main advantages are:

- Very low Internal Ratio (52%), particularly suited to these types of application.

- The possibility of incorporating different drive gears to allow fitting to different gearboxes.

- Reversible output shaft, as well as connections to the various options of 8-bolt base plates 

present on all types of gearbox (under-mounted, left-mounted etc) for which our 2000 series is suitable.

The new series will become available this April.


Maintaining its commitment to quality and progress, Bezares has recently purchased a grinding machine that will improve quality in the final stages of component manufacture, using the most advanced technology available. 

It is a universal grinding machine for exterior and interior, custom-made to our own specifications. It comes with a powerful multi-tool machining head, and has 5 shafts with FANUC CNC control. Additionally, it comes with a high performance mandrel for internal machining to the highest standards on the market.

Likewise, it incorporates the latest technological advances in the processes of grinding, diamond polishing, measuring, cooling, lubrication and automation, whilst maintaining the robustness and reliability that characterize this type of machine.

This new acquisition is already in use, and not only enables the machining of complex shapes and improvements in the finishes of our products, but also provides greater flexibility in manufacturing and increases the capability and capacity of our finishing section.


After a break of a year, on 10th February the renewal was confirmed of the agreement between Bezares and SEUR for national shipments of goods.

This renewal brings together the quality of our service with the efficiency of a company like SEUR, the undisputed industry leader in its sector.

As a result of this renewal, Bezares has now placed SEUR on our list of preferred priority suppliers for all your shipments nationwide. Check with our Sales Department for more details.


Bezares will be closed for holidays during the working days marked in red; however, minimum services will be maintained by the Commercial Department to attend any problems that might arise over this period.