Friday, January 30, 2015

Retrospective: Overcoming economy stagnation with steady growth

During the hard times faced by our economy and against the austerity trend, Bezares increased its development, infrastructure and showcase investiments in a innovative strategy that allowed us to increase our product value while keeping the low costs for high quality hydraulic equipments, increasing the quality gap between Bezares and generic brands.

Among our many new investments, as part of this new strategy we can highlight:

- Acquisition of last gen production equipment (to get the most of that 37000m2)

- Strengthening our international presence with new subsidiaries in Asia and central America and specific Marketing strategies for USa and Mexico

- TDZ brand acquisition, jumpstarting our industrial products line incorporating groundbreaking vane pumps technology and cetop valves

- Diversifying our presence in multiple marketings with the development of new 4x4 and hybrid vehicles gearboxes and broadening our agricultural line to increase our presence and brand recognition at this specific sector

- Duplicate our investments in fairs and exhibitions, with presence in 8 countries and 3 continents.

- New online marketing strategy

The new marketing strategy had very positive results, including exclusive distribution agreements with leading companies in the industry, allowing us to have a steady growth that doubled our presence in Asia and center America, allowed a 20%+ increase in North America and a overall growth of 8% last year, increasing our Market share and reinforcing Bezares and its brand TDZ position among the top hydraulic manufacturers worldwide.

New Manual AS-TRONIC PTO flange with 5 holes

In our determination to contantly offer more versatile products at all our hydraulic range and following the same concept as our PTO line with built-in clutch, we've now engineered a new manual PTO, reinforced with a configuration of high torque and high ratio (1: 1.75) for AS- TRONIC series gearboxes.

This new PTO has a special flange for 5 holes gearboxes, allowing the assembly of larger pumps, expanding the range of suitable applications, adapting to the needs of your application thus reducing the need of splitter boxes.

This new PTO driven through the vehicle's air pressure, is already available with the reference 1028102.

NOW AVAILABLE: New Twin Output Heavy Duty PTO for ZF Ecosplit

Among the many new developments Bezares is launching in 2015, there is the new Twin Output Heavy Duty PTO for ZF Ecosplit series gearboxes (with or without Intarder).

With reinforced body and two outputs that can be used independently, it offers more flexibility, easily adapting to the most diverse mobile applications and adding even more options to our already extensive line of PTOs for ZF gearboxes .

This new unit provides an internal ratio of 1:1.6 and reaches a maximum continuous torque of 500Nm at each output, significantly higher than the previous versions.

This product exceeded expectations at all the pre-production tests and is now available. For prices and more details, please contact with our sales department.

New 3190 series kits for Allison MD/HD gearboxes

Completing our Allison MD/HD PTO series, Bezares has developed its new PTO 3131RP system with extended shaft to allow rear installation of large pumps making it suitable for the most demanding hydraulic applications.

Now is easy to mount a high quality hydraulic system for heavy duty applications in just 3 steps:

1 - Select the mounting side and internal relationship you need for your application.

2 - Select the corresponding adapter to pump 3190 for your pump.

3 - Choose your support depending on the gearbox of your vehicle and the mounting side chosen for the PTO.

For more flexibility in your warehouse, you can ask at once or separately each of these components.

New support to use lateral tanks as rear mounted tanks

Did you ever looked at one of our side mounted Oiltanks and thought "It would be perfect if I could just fit it hidden back there"?

Bezares got you covered with our new adapters for mounting side oiltanks behind the cabin.

Sure, we already offer a great line of rear mounted oiltanks made specifically for this setup but our never-ending commitment to offer the most flexible hydraulic equipments line in the industry just don't allow us to stop offering more and more options!

Made in painted steel is already available!