Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Bezares participating at the CTT 2015 in Moscow

For the fifth consecutive year, Bezares is showcasing its latest products, developments and technologies at the Construction Equipment & Technologies (CTT) 2015. Taking place in Moscow, Russia from June 2 through 6, 2015 the trade fair is considered as one of the largest annual trade fairs for construction machinery worldwide and the No.1 in Eastern Europe.

Among the many new products and technologies Bezares will showcase PTOs specifical for the russian market, pumps and other equipments at the Stand 13-536..

Despite the tense economic climate, there are several major building projects in Russia that are being realized. The preparations for the 2018 FIFA World Cup including greater stadiums, bigger airports, new highways, (underground) railways, hotels and other infrastructural changes are only part of it. In addition, Moscow is setting up a complete new district called “New Moscow” with 1.5 million sqm housing space to be built in 2015. Furthermore, there are plans for huge shopping centers, office buildings and subsidized housings. All these projects need support from abroad, turning this event in a great opportunity for Bezares and all the industry.

See you from June 2 to 6, 2015 at the stand 13-536

New hydraulically actuated piston

In our quest to always offer the most versatile hydraulic systems, Bezares brings a new accessory option for our PTOs: A new hydraulic drive kit.

Just replace the actuator piston that comes with standard rear mounted Bezares PTOs to easily transform pneumatic PTOs into hydraulic onesAn economical and versatile solution for special machines and vehicles, using the hydraulic system already installed on your equipment.

This new actuator piston can work with hydraulic pressure up to 50 bar and can be used with most rear mounted Bezares PTO.

New electric motor-driven actuator for PTOs

Bezares has designed and developed a new electric motor-driven PTO actuator. This new system allows more accurate connections than the older solenoid-based systems, making it perfect for tippers, cranes, tow trucks, etc. In this new system, a small electric motor is responsible for rotating the drive rod which, being equipped with a propeller, internally displaces the synchronizer activating the Power takeoff. 

All the PTOs equipped with this new actuator system includes also an easy synchronizing system to ensure that the activation is performed, great for automatic gearboxes. This type of actuator allows the fork attachment without having to turn on the motor, ensuring a long lifespan.

This system is now available for universal 6 holes PTOs (IVECO , NISSAN , ZF) and soon will be available for most PTOs used in small vehicles (ISUZU , TOYOTA , HINO , etc.)
For the full list of compatible PTOs, contact our sales department.

New T60CR vane Pump

Bezares is proud to annouce its new T60CR Vane Pump with through shaftbased on Denison's design.

Through shaft pumps allows tandem pumps mounting, providing easier installations in confined spaces using fewer elements (motors , couplings, etc.) which, combined with the easy maintenance of the vane pump technology, results in a significant reduction in installation and maintenance costs.

From now on, in addition to our popular range of Vickers' design based Vane Pumps with through shaft ( VQ / VS 4T , VQ / VS 6T, VQ / VS 7T ), we add this new Denison's design based model to our pumps range.

Available with SAE A flange coupling and flows ranging from 10.8 to 100 cc/rev. ( 3-31 USGal ).