Saturday, June 20, 2020

New PTO 1221603 for Eaton ESO-6106A and ESO-6206A

New PTO 1221603 for Eaton ESO-6106A and ESO-6206A

At Bezares, we are committed to offering solutions compatible with all gearboxesand for all mobile applications on the market.

This is why we have developed a new two-gear PTO for the Eaton ESO-6106A and ESO-6206A gearboxes.

The ESO-6106A and ESO-6206A gearboxes are small, lightweight gearboxes, mainly used in the South American market for light and medium vehicles between 6 and 13 tons.

The new side-mounted PTO has an internal ratio of 1: 1.35,ISO 4 bolt ouput and pneumatic shifting to mount on the left-side opening of these gearboxes.

This new PTO will be available in July 2020 with the code 1221603.

For more information, please contact our commercial department.

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