Tuesday, February 2, 2021

New BE2 40-16 Twin Flow Gear Pumps

New BE2 40-16 Twin Flow Pumps

Bezares is expanding its range of gear pumps to include the new BE2 twin flow pumps.

These new Twin Flow Gear Pumps have side ports with GAS thread flange, a design that automatically compensates for axial clearance, and is manufactured in strong cast steel, helping to maintain high efficiency over a long period of time.

Currently the first model of the series, BE2 40-16 with 40 and 16cc respectively, is already available and the BE2 series will be gradually expanding with different flow rates according to the market and to our customer needs.

With this new pump, Bezares expands its double flow pumps product range. For more information, consult our commercial department with the code 5062006

Bezares SA
Source: https://bezares.com/new-be2-40-16-twin-flow-gear-pumps/

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