Tuesday, June 1, 2021

New Reinforced Mammoth Winches

New Reinforced Mammoth Winches

The new Mammoth E70 is now available for sale, complementing our new line of heavy duty winches.

Announced in 2020, the new Mammoth winches are the evolution of our well-known BZC winches and follow the same naming scheme as the Bull compact and lightweight winches.

In addition to the new branding and appearance, which includes new paint, the new Mammoth winches feature several improvements, such as a redesigned clutch, a new cable tensioner, and several small changes to allow mounting in different positions.

Among the main changes we can highlight:

  • New TOP-Mounted Clutch - Adds new mounting positions by keeping side puller and pneumatic options.
  • Polyethylene cable tensioner with adjustable tension.
  • Tensioner rotation for special mounting.
  • Possibility of mounting on steel profiles with 2 adjustable heights.
  • Gearbox housing and drum supports painted.
  • New brand and logo.

The new Mammoth maintains the same robustness that made the BZC winch one of our best-selling products of the last ten years.

The new Mammoth E70 winches are now available under the codes:

E50 (5000Kg) – 9038525

E70 (7000Kg) – 9040025

For more information, please contact our sales department.

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PTO 3151 with helical gears

PTO 3151 with helical gears

Bezares continues to be committed to its Continuous Product Improvement Program (PMCP) that regularly analyzes the feedback from our customers to implement improvements in our product line.

If last month we told you about the new DR output in the reinforced series of 3151 PTOs for Allison gearboxes, this time we want to inform you of another thing: Bezares is working on a new version of Power Take-off with internal gears with helical carving, which reduce the idle noise, reducing the overall noise level of the hydraulic system. This option is ideal for night work or in environments where noise level is an important factor.

The 3151 series has a built-in clutch, which allows it to be installed in automatic Allison gearboxes, as well as in applications that require activating the PTOs with the vehicle in motion or where a high number of actuations is necessary.

At the moment, this new version of 3151 Series with helical gears is available for internal ratios G (78%) or M (97%) with codes starting with: 3151HGM63___ or 3151HMM63___.

For more information, please contact our commercial department.

Bezares SA - Leading hydraulic manufacturer
Source: https://bezares.com/pto-3151-with-helical-gears/



After a long and difficult season, trade fairs and events are back, and for this reason, Bezares will be presenting its latest news and developments at the Smopyc 2021 fair that will take place in November in Zaragoza.

Likewise, we will show new online tools such as the new customer area, the new cloud and the online training center, which brings Bezares into the new digital era.

We will be exhibiting in hall 6, stand 46. We look forward to your visit!

Bezares SA - Leading hydraulic manufacturer
Source: https://bezares.com/smopyc-2021-participation/

New EPIS Kanban managed by WÜRTH

New EPIS Kanban managed by WÜRTH

Bezares continues to improve its assembly line with the aim of achieving a "Just in Time" assembly schedule to improve manufacturing efficiency, logistics and inventory management.

To this end, we have just launched a new Kanban system that will be available on the entire manufacturing plant, managed by WÜRTH, thus ensuring immediate availability of the necessary material and maximum safety for our workers, allowing Bezares to focus on what we do best, high-quality hydraulic engineering.

Bezares will continue to improve all its manufacturing processes to optimize its resources, reduce environmental impact and achieve greater logistics efficiency.

Bezares SA - Leading hydraulic manufacturer
Source: https://bezares.com/new-epis-kanban-managed-by-wurth/