Monday, September 6, 2021

New heavy-duty PTO for MB

New heavy-duty PTO for MB

Bezares has developed an improved version of the PTO 07221K03for MB transmissions G131, G210, G211, G141-9, G221, G230, G231, G240, G241, G260, G280, G281, G330, G230, whose main feature is to fit in vehicles with the main transmission flange diameter wider than 180 mm.

This new compact version reduces the distance between the opening of the transmission and the hydraulic pump by 1/3, optimizing the bending moment of the latter to the maximum, which favours the mounting of heavier pumps.

The higher transmission ratio enables to increase the speed of the application without increasing the engine revolutions. This helps reduce consumption and emissions generated by combustion, resulting in greater sustainability for the environment.

Available in ISO 4 holesSAE BB 2/4 hole Z = 15 and flange outputs.

For more information, ask about the code 07264K03to our commercial department

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New Customer Area at

As a part of our Digitalization 2.0 project, Bezares has recently renewed its Customer Area for its site and global sites.

The new site consist of 4 tools to get the main information you need automatically and 3 forms to improveand simplifythe communication process.


1 – Product Documentation

With this tool you can easily look for technical datasheets, spare parts or mounting Instructions in English or Spanish.

All you need is the part number of the required product.

2 – PTO Search

Find all the PTOs compatible with an specific transmission and its features in an easy chart.

All you need is the manufacturer and model of the transmission

3 – Price list/ Stock Information

Check out the regular prices as well as stock availability (Spanish warehouse only).

All you need is either a part number or a product partial description.

4 – Special prices and discounts

Check all the special discounts you have as well as special prices for any Bezares product.

All you need is the product part number.


1 – Fitting configurator

An easy way to specify custom fitting orders.

All the necessary fields and available options are easily visible and you need to completely fill it before sending it.

2 – Customer Satisfaction Survey

Let us know how is your experience with Bezares and help us to improve in the future

3 – CPIP (Continuous Product Improvement Program)

The main product feedback tool! As part of the CPIP program we stablished a direct feedback tool to gather marketing needs and trends for new releases as well as improvements to the current product line.

How to Access the new customer Area?

  1. Contact your designated account manager to open your customer account
  2. Login at with your username and password
  3. Access the customer area at

Tips and tricks:

  • Product Descriptions Use The 1st Letter On Uppercase Only
  • You can install the webpage locally in your computer or cell phone for quicker access by clicking at the 3 dots and selecting “Install” (or “add to the start screen”)
Bezares SA - Leading hydraulic manufacturer

New Bezares Learning centre

New Bezares Learning centre

Bezares is proud to announce our new e-learning centre at as part of our Digitalization 2.0 project

This new e-learning centre is a step forward on assembling and maintenance training and certification and it will join our new digital ecosystem such as:

  • webpage
  • Bezares corporate Cloud system
  • Bezares Blogs

This new e-learning portal is integrated with our main webpage allowing Bezares customers to easily engage in training and certifications without the need for a new account creation.

All our courses will have a Bezares Certificate with an easy way to verify its authenticity.

Our new learning portal is already in BETA testing phase and is planned to be fully operative in 2022.

For more information on our new certification program, consult our after-sales department

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