Monday, February 16, 2015

New compact lightweight 3,5 tons winch Bull 3500

Bezares is proud to announce that our new compact and lightweight whinch for up to 3,5 Tons., already has its crowdsourced name, Bull 3500 and is entering its last test phase with imminent launch.

For the first time ever Bezares used crowdsourcing inputs at its product naming and the campaign's success indicates the beginning of a new phase moving to a more collaborative product development.

Its optimized design summarize the Bezares experience designing and refining its whinch technology, with special focus on improved efficiency, compact housing, reduced weight and internal parts number without sacrificing its performance, resunting in the Best technical features in a reduced unit.

Among the many improvements in this new winch we could highlight:

~15% width reduction
~20Kg lighter
Less internal components
Sun wheel gear integrated at the Housing

A. Internal oil lubrication

B. Bi-directional. Flexible installation. Integral full load holding, with overcentre valve and sintered bronce clutch discs.

C. Steel made drum

D. Tempered aluminium frame/-supports

E. 100% protected against pressurized washing machines. Special sealed construction.

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