Tuesday, May 31, 2016

3300 - lubricated (Wet Spline) SAE B output shaft for Allison

Bezares keep Developing Solutions for our Allison PTOs, as this new lubricated output shaft SAE B version for our 3300 PTO.

The new 'Wet Spline' Option has the advantage of providing more wear protection on the output shaft for factors such as friction or vibration.
This through a new oil dipping flange into the splined shaft to the output of the PTO, thus extending the life of the PTO and hydraulic pump.

Especially suitable for Heavy Duty Applications Requiring Many drives or vehicles equipped with powerful and ligh engines, being able to transmit more torque to the gearbox and therefore to the PTO.

For more information, you may contact our sales department.

Tailor-made powerpacks

Bezares offers tailor-made powerpacks according to customer's application.

This unit belongs to a project for machinery with limited installation space (0.75kW single phase motor, pump 0.8 / rev, 1.5L plastic tank and various modular valves: non-return valve, flow control and directional CETOP 03 valve).

Our tailor-made mini powerpacks offer a quick way to install the ideal system for your application, eliminating the adaptation need and reducing the assembly and maintenance time.

For more customized solutions, please contact our sales department.

Manufacturing processes improvements - technology, quality and innovation

In order to improve our manufacturing processes and ensure maximum precission in machining high performance parts, we have incorporated an innovative compact milling center with integrated CNC lathe at our production process. It allows machining high efficiency parts with complex shapes, through the perfect combination of lathe and milling, while achieving our goals of improving the automation, higher precision and energy saving, essential to the hydraulic industry of tomorrow.

This new machine is provided with a powerful and reliable milling head, plus a motorized 10 positions turret. Both systems working together allow any complex forms machining operation, which can be made with 5-axis and simultaneous chip removal for maximum reliability while reducing machining time.

Its configuration includes 2 heads with automatic transfer and movement synchronization, automatic tool storage and a high degree of automation in positioning, machining and measuring parts.

Thanks to this investment, we are able to manufacture even more complex pieces, with a greater guarantee of our product's high quality and durability.