Thursday, October 31, 2019

How to ask for a quote on

The new website makes it easy for anyone to ask for a quote for Bezares products, just follow the simple steps below to easily and quickly receive a quote on your email inbox.

1- Visit

2 - Select the corresponding region / Language, we will use English UK for this tutorial.

3 - Navigate to the corresponding category of the product either using the top menu...

...the frontpage boxes...

...or the right hand categories.

4 - Select the product needed (add to quote) or select the product options (select options)...

5 (variable products only) - If the product is a variable product (it will display select options instead of add to quote below the product), select all the necessary options and click at “Add to quote”.

6 - You will be redirected to the “Request a quote” form, fill the form and click at “Send your request” or navigate to other category to add more products, repeating the steps 2 to 5.

You will receive your quote by e-mail.

Bezares SA

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