Friday, June 30, 2017

What is a Power Take-Off?

The Power Take-Off or PTO is a mechanical device which is mounted on the gearbox to obtain power and a determined rpm for our application. This mechanical energy from the gearbox is transmitted to the pump and converted into hydraulic energy. When selecting a PTO we should consider different issues:

 What is the transmission brand and model? 

When requesting a PTO it is very important to know the brand and the model of the transmission.

With that information, we can advise you to select the most adequate power take-off for your application.

Which PTO opening are you going to use?

Most of the industrial vehicles are supplied with one or more PTO openings. Each window may have different transmission ratios. According to the position of the window, it can classified as follows:

Side: The window for installing the PTO is on the right or on the left side of the gearbox, always looking at the gearbox from the rear of the vehicle.

Rear: The opening window is on the rear of the gearbox, most common with ZF, MB ad Volvo transmissions.

Bottom: The window is in the bottom or "belly" of the box.

What kind of equipment is to be driven by the PTO?

Based on the application, the pto shall have different outputs. The most common outputs are:

   For pump (ISO 4 holes, UNI 3 holes, SAE A, SAE B, SAE C)

Flange to connect to a transmission (SAE 1100, SAE 1300, SAE 1400, DIN 90, DIN 100, DIN 120, etc.)

What is the power required by the application?

In order to calculate the power consumption it is necessary to know the pressure and flow of our application.

What is the rotation required of the PTO?

Depending on the number of gears of the PTO, we can choose the direction of rotation.

Bezares also offers rotation reverse adapters for those cases where there are no different options.

What will be the percentage of speed required at the output of the PTO?

Depending on the internal ratio of the pto, the PTOs can be:

Simple: Also called direct. 1: 1 ratio

Multiplied: The ratio will be 1:> 1

Reduced: The ratio will be 1: <1. 

In order to calculate the final ratio you just need to multiply the transmission's output ratio by the PTO's internal ratio.

What will be the shifter’s type required?

Depending on the type of actuator, the power take-offs can be classified as follows:

Pneumatic: If the truck has air brake, it means that it has a compressor. They are usually driven at 7kg / cm2 – 8kg/cm2.

In small vehicles, where no compressor is available, it is possible to install one using the Bezares pneumatic pressure kit. It is an independent unit without maintenance, which provides a pneumatic line.

Mechanic: They are manually operated by means of a lever or cable that connects directly to the PTO's piston. With the movement of the cab's lever, the power take-off's fork moves internally and engages it.

Vacuum: When the truck has a depressor, it works through a vacuum line.

If your vehicle does not have one, it's also possible to install it using the Bezares' simple acting shifting kit.

Electric with motor: This actuator includes a small electric motor which moves a bar which diplaces the synchronizer until the pto is enganged. This system ensures always an easy engagement.

In contrast to the electric actuator with solenoid-type, the electric motor only works when engaging and disenganging the pto. This allows long working periods of time without power consume and avoiding possible damage to the vehicles battery.

Electrohydraulic: It incorporates an electrohydraulic actuator. They are normally used in the clutch PTOs for automatic Allison or Aisin gearboxes.

Article created in collaboration with Alfonso Sabbatini e Hijo S.R.L.

New BULL Winch for Pick-up Vehicles

In the following months BZ will launch a new hydraulic winch for applications with reduced mounting space and with a maximum rope capacity of 15 m. Some example applications would be pick-up vehicles, winches mounted under the platform or on the second floor or auxiliary winches.

This new winch is a reduced and lighter version (less than 30 kg) of our actual Bull. Currently under development, it is expected to be finished in the last quarter of the year.

The Bull Pick-up will be available in two differente models: 3500 kg and 4500 kg.
Regarding the shifting options, it could be ordered:

  • With manual clutch
  • With pneumatic clutch
  • With clutch activated by cable
  • Without clutch (for the situations with no direct access to the winch, saving space in the installation).

Wednesday, May 31, 2017

BZ-350 gearbox with helical gear

Following its commitment of continuous improvement, Bezares has developed a new version of the BZ-350 transferbox with helical gear. 

This feature significantly reduces the noise level and improves its performance and durability, which combined with its mechanical or pneumatic actuator options, make the BZ-350 box one of the most flexible options in our range. 

Auxiliary power take-offs require the input gear # 17 to connect to the central unit. 

For more information, contact our commercial department with the 6015899 code for mechanical actuator or 6015999 for pneumatic actuator.

NEW MBM multifunction oil tanks

We are proud to introduce a new version of our well known aluminum tank MB series. This new model is supplied without return ports in the sides, which improves the mounting options in those chassis where the space is very limited. However, general dimensions are the same as the previous MB model while the total weight is slightly reduced.

It includes filter flange, rear drain port and fill cap with level rod (front level indicator has been eliminated). Optionally, it can be supplied with a standard return filter or a low profile filter kit to avoid interference with other vehicle components.

They are already available in 160 and 200 liters, under the part numbers 90AS16MBM and 90AS20MBM.

For more information, you may contact our Commercial Department.

AVAILABLE NOW - New TraXon Double Output PTO

The first units of our new reinforced power take-off are now available for sale. With internal lubrication and mounting flange incorporated in the housing, this setup has the advantage of easier gearbox mounting by reducing the number of elements to be assembled.

Its two outputs, with equal ratios of 1:1.6, can be combined between ISO 4 holes and transmission flange, as well as being used independently when driven separately.

The new power take-off for ZF TraXon is available under the part number 1029950

For more information, you may contact our commercial department.

Bezares @ International Machinery Exhibition (SMOPYC) 2017

Bezares presented its latest hydraulic innovations at the International  Exhibition of Machinery for Public Works, Construction and Mining (SMOPYC) 2017 at the Zaragoza Fair.   

SMOPYC, an internationally recognized fair, closed its 2017 edition exceeding exhibitors’ expectations. The participation of 720 companies  from 28 countries and the attendance of nearly 48,000 professional visitors confirmed the strength of the event in a edition strategically focused on the export market.  

SMOPYC has the presence of practically all sector associations and its 2017 edition was among the bigger specialized fairs in the world in the field of industrial machinery and construction.   

We would like to thank your visit in our booth. We are looking forward to seeing you again in next shows!

Tuesday, April 4, 2017

ISO/TS 16949 - Automotive quality certification

Bezares is proud to announce the achievement of the Certification ISO / TS 16949.
ISO / TS 16949 is a technical specification based on ISO 9001 that defines the requirements of the quality system for the automotive industry's supply chain.

 ISO/TS 16949:2009 aims for the development of a quality management system that provides for continual improvement, emphasizing defect prevention and the reduction of variation and waste in the automotive supply chain. ISO/TS 16949 applies to the design and development, production and, where relevant, the installation and servicing of automotive-related products. 

ISO / TS 16949 represents a significant opportunity for the standardization and continuous improvement of Bezares products, certifying the quality of our products and production processes.

Bezares @ Nissan Body Builder’s Guide

Bezares has been recently included in Nissan Body Builder’s Guide 2017 for the gearbox ZF 6S-420. 

We are certified once again as official supplier as in previous editions for the gearboxes M5-35 and M5-40.

Apart from ensuring the quality of our processes and products, this certification of Nissan guarantees the complete compatibility of our products with the lifespan expected from original parts. 

It also allows BZ products to be factory-installed or repaired by authorized Nissan dealers as an original part.

Bezares will continue to invest in new partnerships and certifications in a continuous improvement process to guarantee the quality and compatibility of its products with the main gearbox manufacturers.

New Input Gear #74-G/198 for Eaton Procision

Bezares has developed an input gear that allows the installation of the 1000 and 3300 Series PTO on the right register of the EDCO-6F107A gearboxes as well as on the other models from Eaton Procision series. 

These 7-speed automatic gearboxes, with dual clutch, are more efficient than the currently provided with torque converter, offering between 8% and 10% fuel saving. 

The power take-offs with the new gears will be available in Q2 /2017. 

For prices, availability and more information, please ask our Commercial Department.

Bezares @ The Work Truck Show 2017 - Summary

Bezares had showcased its latest mobile hydraulic products at the Work Truck Show 2017, in Indianapolis, Indiana.

This Trade Show, organized by NTEA—the Association for the Work Truck Industry, is North America’s largest gathering of vocational trucks and equipment from Classes 1–8, including chassis, bodies, components and hydraulic accessories.

We thank all our customers and collaborators who have visited our stand.

Stay tuned for our Power-take-over @ Asian Markets

In the next newsletters we will inform about Bezares' progress to increase its product line and distribution with new Asian market's specific solutions. 

2017 will be the year to definitively consolidate our presence in the Asian market.

Don't miss the next newsletter for more information

Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Bezares @ Industrial Supply fair 2017

Bezares will showcase its latest industrial hydraulic products at the Industrial Supply fair 2017 from April 24 to April 28, in Hannover Messe.

There is a demand for industrial processes and end products to become more efficient and durable. At the same time, the factory of the future requires components and systems that can be seamlessly integrated into an intelligent manufacturing process. The latest Industrial Supply displayed some impressive numbers, such as

  •  6,500 international exhibitors
  •  400 applications of Industrie 4.0
  •  More than 1,700 lectures & panels
  •  64% top decisionmakers
  •  5.6 million business contacts in 5 days
  •  2,500 journalists from all over the world

 and the 2017 edition is expected to be even bigger

Visit our booth at the Hall 21, stand E02 and check, in first hand, all the new developments in hydraulic that Bezares and its brand TDZ have ready for 2017.

Bezares @ International Machinery Exhibition (SMOPYC) 2017

Bezares will present its latest hydraulic innovations at the international  exhibition of machinery for public works, construction and mining (SMOPYC)  2017 from 25 to 29 April at the Zaragoza Fair.   

SMOPYC, an internationally recognized fair, closed its sixteenth edition in  2014, exceeding exhibitors’ expectations. The participation of 720 companies  from 28 countries and the ttendance of nearly 48,000 professional visitors confirmed the strength of the event in a transition edition and strategically focused on the export market.  

SMOPYC has the presence of practically all sector associations and its 2017 edition promises to be again among the bigger specialized fairs in the world in the field of industrial machinery and construction.   

Visit us at the Hall 6, stand 46 and check, first hand, all the new  developments in mobile and industrial hydraulics that Bezares and its TDZ brand have ready for 2017.

Bezares @ Waste Expo 2017

Bezares will display its latest hydraulics products at the WasteExpo 2017, North America’s largest tradeshow for the industry, from May 9th to May 11th, at the Ernest N. Morial (New Orleans, LA).

Industry experts and practitioners will present a wealth of case studies, research, news, and insights. It’s a year’s worth of learning over three days, and much more!

600+ exhibitors will be there, showing off solutions that can help tackle our organization’s challenges. The chance to see and touch new products, and meet potential vendors—all in one spot.

Visit us at booth 4175 and check, first hand, all the new hydraulic developments that Bezares has ready for 2017.

Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Bezares @ CONEXPO-CON/AGG 2017

Bezares USA will be attending the Las Vegas Convention Centre (Nevada - USA) from 7th to 11th March, where we will be displaying our latest products for the US market.

The fair is expected to host 2,500+ exhibitors from sectors related to concrete, earth-moving, mining, tarmac and heavy lifting and more than 150 education sessions in over 2,500,000 square feet.

  • The Tech Experience: Visit the new 75,000+ square foot Tech Experience at CONEXPO-CON/AGG 2017, see the future of the construction industry, and uncover how your business can become more profitable and more efficient
  • Nearly 700 new exhibitors
  • New education including tracks on technology, business management, workforce development, and more

We will waiting for you at the Booth S82810