Thursday, May 31, 2018

New range of single / double-acting mini-powerpacks

Bezares presents its new mini-powerpacks models in 12V and 24V for single and double-acting applications, which will include as standard a thermostat to protect your engine against possible overheating caused by harsh weather conditions and/or by the working conditions of the equipment, thus adding an extra layer of security guaranteeing a long lifespan.

This model can be mounted in horizontal or vertical positions, with direct fitting on the body or a fixing support, both on the lower position or on the side.

The new mini-powerpacks will soon be available with the letter “G” added to their coding.

For more information, contact our commercial department.
Bezares SA

New ZF Traxon, High ratio, Heavy Duty

Bezares have developed a new Heavy Duty manual power take-off, in constant mesh, for the Traxon series, with an internal ratio of 1: 1.75 for applications that requires high performance equipment.

Similar to the models 1031803 and 1031703 announced last month, but without the built-in clutch, it offers a lighter, compact and economical version for the most demanding applications.

Immediate availability, for more information consult our commercial department with the code 1031903
Bezares SA

Regional conventions in Iveco Spain

We thank Iveco for the invitation to the 3 regional conventions that Bezares has participated in Iveco Spain during these two weeks, strengthening our commercial relationship.

In those conventions, we had the opportunity to deepen our technical support work for all Iveco concessions and present our new line of hydraulic products for its range of vehicles.

The events were held during the month of May and attended both dealers and Bezares and other official suppliers of Iveco.
Bezares SA

Friday, May 11, 2018

Bezares @ IFAT 2018 in Munich

Bezares is preparing for its next participation in the IFAT 2018 fair, from May 14 to 18, the leading Environmental Technologies Fair in the world with ICEX’s support, as well as the co-financing of European FEDER Funds, having contributed, according to their criteria, to the economic growth of this company, its region and Spain as a whole.

IFAT has a large international presence and an impressive number of exhibitors and visitors. A mandatory event for water treatment, sewage, waste collection and management and the raw materials industry’s companies.

Bezares will be present, with exciting innovations in both, product line and stand presentation. Among the many news and developments that you will find on our stand we could highlight our new Vane Pumps and gearboxes models.

We would love to have your visit in our Stand, located in the Hall C5, Stand 138, and we are anxious to know the business opportunities that we will find in this IFAT’s edition.
Bezares SA

Friday, April 27, 2018

New braking system for BZ-350 transfer cases

We proudly present the new braking system for the BZ-350 transfer box. It is especially developed for small vehicles with the hand brake connected to the output of the vehicle’s gearbox, blocking the transmission shaft and thus making it impossible to use transfer boxes.

To enable the installation of our BZ-350 transfer box on this type of vehicle, it is necessary to use this secondary brake instead of using the hand brake of the vehicle, once the braking kit has been incorporated on the output of the transfer case.

This new kit consists of a brake caliper, a brake disc, a brake cable and a bracket for fixing the transfer case.

For more information, please contact our commercial department with the code 9088899
Bezares SA

Hydraulic kit for Piaggio / Dfsk type vehicles

Bezares is proud to announce the new electrohydraulic kit for Piaggio / Dfsk tipper vehicles. We have developed a very compact equipment that allows to convert a vehicle of these characteristics into a tipper. This type of vehicles is increasingly used in areas where it’s not possible to access with heavy vehicles like in the city center.

The new kit is already available under the code 069103. For more information, please contact our commercial department.
Bezares SA

Clutch PTO for ZF TraXon

Completing our range of PTOs for ZF Traxon gearboxes, we have developed a new unit with pneumatic actuator and built-in clutch. Due to its internal configuration, this power take-off can be activated with the vehicle in motion. This feature makes it the perfect solution for applications where it is necessary to operate the PTO multiple times. It is possible to choose between two different internal ratios:

Internal Ratio1:1.351:1.85
Part NumberPump

(DIN 5462)

We also have PTOs with one and two gears, as well as with double output. For more information, contact our commercial department.
Bezares SA

PTO for Iveco 2835.6 with electric actuator

Responding to the market demand, Bezares has developed a new electric piston for the Iveco 2835.6 PTO, based on the electric kit already used for other Iveco, Nissan or Renault PTOs.

Developed especially for small vehicles, without an air cylinder, this type of actuator simplifies the hydraulic equipment installation and the PTO’s actuator.

For more information, please contact our commercial department with the code: 069103
Bezares SA

Rear-mounted kits for Scania PTOs

Bezares is proud to announce the new adapter kit that enables the Scania gearbox’s lower window to connect power take-offs when it is not factory enabled.

The new kits can be ordered separately or together, according to the gearbox, adding more versatility and the possibility of working with two PTOs, lateral and rear, facilitating the installation of multiple applications or the assembly of larger pumps.

For more information, please contact our commercial department.
Bezares SA

Wednesday, March 28, 2018

BezaresPower management visit Bezares SA facilities in Casarrubios del Monte

We would like to thank Zhejiang Bezares Power Transmission Co. for their visit to our headquarters last March accompanied by BZ Manager Mr. Emilio Núñez.

On this occasion, they were able to see first-hand how all the Bezares production processes are carried out. They have also the opportunity to meet the managers and team from the Technical Office, Production Department, Marketing, Sales- and After Sales Department and having very interesting meetings.

Later, they visited the Production Plant, equipped with state-of-the-art machinery for the different processes of machining and assembly of power take-offs, hydraulic pumps, winches and other hydraulic components that complete our wide range.

We hope to see you soon again at BZ!

In the photograph, from left to right:

Zhou-Lei – Quality Manager – Zhejiang Bezares Power
Mr. Wang – Managing Director and Partner – Zhejiang Bezares Power
Emilio Núñez Bezares – Manager and Partner – Bezares SA
David Zhu – Manager – Zhejiang Bezares Power
Alejandro Núñez Bezares – Financial Director and Partner – Bezares SA
Mr. Lu – Partner – Zhejiang Bezares Power
Wang Jia Zhejiang – Technical Director – Zhejiang Bezares Power
Spring – Export Sales – Zhejiang Bezares Power
Bezares SA

Bezares USA participation @ "The Work Truck Show" 2018

Bezares USA participated in March in the largest commercial vehicle event in North America, “The Work Truck Show”, where we presented our new PTOs for Eaton and Volvo, including the new Eaton Endurant and Volvo I-shift triple output models, among other new PTOs and hydraulic products.

A record crowd of 13.570 industry professionals turned out for The Work Truck Show® 2018, drawn by an unprecedented six vehicle launches from North America’s leading commercial truck manufacturers, more than 175 other new product presentations and an expanded educational conference that included the all-new Fleet Technical Congress. It was the largest event in the history of NTEA – The Association for the Work Truck Industry.

See you in the next edition of The Work Truck Show
Bezares SA


EXPO PROVEEDORES DEL TRANSPORTE is the most important event for the transport industry in the north of Mexico, involving assembly plants, trailer and body manufacturers, distributors and spare parts and equipment suppliers, as well as service providers to the transport industry of both cargo and passengers.

Bezares Mexico will be present, as in the last 11 years, with a large number of exciting innovations in our product line. In its latest edition, the Expo Suppliers 2017 lasted 3 days and had 18.000 m2 of exhibition space, and around 8.000 attendees, without a doubt, the ideal framework for Bezares to have an approach to its clients covering all the Mexican territory.

Please visit us at our booth 1409 in this new edition of Expo Proveedores.
Bezares SA

Bezares @ CTT 2018 - Moscow

For the eighth consecutive year, Bezares will be presenting its latest products at the Construction Equipment & Technologies (CTT) Fair 2018. The 19th edition will be held at the IEC Crocus Expo in Moscow from the 5th June to 8th, 2018.

Bauma CTT RUSSIA is the largest industrial event in the sector in Russia with an exhibition area of ​​61.000 square meters. The last Bauma CTT RUSSIA in June 2017 attracted 557 exhibitors from 30 countries and 20.000 participants, mainly from the CIS countries.

The latest economic signals from the world’s largest country are very positive. As an example, the Association of European Businesses (AEB) reported that last year there was an increase of 45% in the construction machinery sold in the Russian Federation. The AEB is an association of European companies with branches in Russia.

Among the new products, Bezares will be exhibiting specific PTOs for the Russian market, new pumps and additional equipment on stand 13-737.

See you from June 5 to 8, 2018 at booth 13-737!
Bezares SA

Wednesday, February 28, 2018

New SAE B and SAE BB output options for the 3151 series PTOs

We would like to inform you that, from now on, you can order your 3151 series power take-offs with two new output types: SAE B and SAE BB.

By incorporating a new flange and two new 13 and 15 teeth shafts, our 3151 series now allows the SAE BZ = 13 and SAE BB Z = 15 pumps coupling in a more compact way, through a direct output, without an adapter, thus obtaining a lighter, more compact and more economical solution.

The new SAE B / BB outputs 3151 PTOs are already available. For more information, contact the Sales Department.
Bezares - Hydraulic equipment for industrial vehicles

Tuesday, February 27, 2018

New quality certifications (IATF-16949, ISO 9001 and ISO 14001)

Bezares is proud to announce the recent obtainment of the IATF-16949 certification. IATF-16949 is a technical specification that replaces the ISO 9001-based ISO-TS, and is the new standard that defines the quality system requirements for the automotive industry’s supply chain.

The IATF-16949’s goal is the development of a quality management system that offers continuous improvement, focusing on defects prevention and the reduction of variations and waste in the automotive supply chain. The IATF-16949 specification is applicable to the design / development, production and, if applicable, installation and service of the automotive sector’s related products. This IATF-16949 certification represents a new step forward in the continuous improvement of BEzares’ products and production processes, reaffirming our commitment to quality, being a level above to the ISO / TS 16949 certification, also oriented for the automotive sector, which was obtained in 2017 and which, updating of the regulations to IATF, new requirements have been satisfactorily met by Bezares.

Also, as usual the for the last 20 years, the ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 quality certificates have been renewed.
Bezares - Hydraulic equipment for industrial vehicles