Monday, June 10, 2019

New Bezares subsidiary for UK.

New Bezares subsidiary for UK.

After almost 25 years of selling their products in the United Kingdom, Bezares S.A. has signed an agreement with PCM Fluid Power Ltd, establishing its own local branch, Bezares UK, Ltd. to strengthen its position in the country. The Spanish company will have the majority stake in the joint venture with the goal  to improve the service it has been providing to its customers since the 1990s.

PCM was established in 1970, to meet a requirement within the transport industry for the supply of commercial vehicle hydraulic equipment, related products and services. Now recognised as a leading supplier, the company support both original equipment manufacturers and the UK after-market, offering an extensive range of competitively priced products and complete hydraulic packages, full technical and systems advice.

Bezares manufactures a wide range of auxiliary hydraulic equipment for trucks and industrial vehicles, being recognized as one of the largest aftermarket manufacturers of PTOs (Power Take-Off) globally, as well as a leading hydraulic pumps and motors manufacturer. Our extensive catalogue also includes fittings, winches, power packs, complete hydraulic systems, hydraulic adapters and other parts for all major trucks and industrial vehicles brands and models, allowing us to provide complete hydraulic systems for many applications.

The resulting new subsidiary will take advantage of PCM years of experience with hydraulic systems and application in the UK market as well as Bezares’ extensive hydraulic portfolio to offer an improved customer experience in UK through a direct relation with the manufacturer, improving delivery times and customer services while reducing any future impact by keeping all the commercial relations locally.

Effective from 1st June 2019, the newly formed company will be named BEZARES UK LTD and will be located in Long Buckby Wharf.

We are very excited about the opportunities this presents for our customers in the UK. The detailed contact information for the newly formed company is available below.

The Bezares UK team: 01327 317557

Jonathon Asbery
Dave Pettis      

Office Address: 
Main Building
Wharf Works
Long Buckby Wharf

Bezares SA

Monday, June 3, 2019

FR2 New twin-flow bent-axis piston pumps

Continuing the success of our FR and MR bent-axis piston pumps, we want to present our new range of twin-flow pumps FR2:
Bezares FR2 54+54 Twin-flow Bent-axis Piston Pump

These pumps are manufactured with the characteristic compact angled body of the FR pumps, easing their assembly thanks to their small dimensions.

In its interior,10 pistons apply pressure to two independent circuits, ensuring efficient operation under different working conditions.

In addition, the high quality of the components contributes to a smooth operation and a longer lifespan.

The first new twin-flow pumps FR2 will be the 54+54l models and will be available in the third quarter of 2019 with the code 5059706 (clockwise rotation) or 5059806 (counter clockwise rotation).

Other models with different flows will be launched later. For more information please contact our commercial department.

Bezares SA

New Bezares PTO Video

New Bezares PTO Video

The new video for our PTO range is already available online. It has been created to highlight the features of our full range of PTOs, including the extension-shafts and the reinforced units for the heavy-duty applications.

This new video is also planned to be played in the events where Bezares, its distributors and subsidiaries will take part.

Bezares SA



Bezares, represented by its Master Distributor for Australia, GFR INDUSTRIES was exhibiting at the Brisbane Truck Show, from the 16th to the 19th of May.

The 2019 Brisbane Truck Show has consolidated once more as Australasia’s premier transport event. On Sunday afternoon it wound up with an almost ten percent increase in patronage through the doors of the Convention and Exhibition Centre.

We would like to thank all our visitors and hope to meet you again in the next BTS 2021!

Bezares SA

Tuesday, May 21, 2019



Bezares, S.A. participates in the Direct Mission to Nigeria 2019, which is celebrated between May 20 - 22 and has had ICEX support, as well as co-financed by the European FEDER funds, having
contributed according to their measure, to the economic growth of this company, its region and Spain as a whole.

Nigeria is one of the most populated countries in the world with a total of 191 million inhabitants and is the 31st economy by volume of GDP, which makes the African country the second strongest economy in the continent, surpassed only by South Africa. This means that Nigeria is considered a strategic and fundamental country when it comes to continuing with the growth of the Bezares brand internationally and, more specifically, at the African level.

Bezares SA

Monday, May 6, 2019

Bezares @ Bauma 2019 (participation summary)

Bezares @ Bauma 2019 (participation summary)

Bezares was exhibiting at the 32nd edition of Bauma in Munich, Germany.

With more than 620,000 visitors from over 200 countries, Bauma has consolidated as the world’s leading trade fair for construction machinery, construction vehicles and construction equipment. It has generated the best results in the exhibition’s 65-year history. The number of visitors rose by 40,000 over the total produced during the previous event in 2016.

Among the different novelties presented at our stand, we can highlight the new compatible cartridges for vane pumps and the new FR2 double flow pumps that complement the FR family of bent-axis piston pumps.

More than 250,000 visitors came from countries outside Germany, a strong increase in attendance from overseas visitors. Significant gains in this group were produced by China, Australia and Japan. More than 5,500 visitors came from China alone. The number of exhibitors totaled about 3,700 from 63 countries – likewise a record. With its unprecedented 614,000 square meters of space, the largest bauma ever held was once again a bauma filled with records.

We thank all those who have visited us in our stand and we hope to meet them again in the next edition of Bauma.

Bezares SA

New video for the FR/MR bent-axis Piston pumps and motors

We are proud to present the new video for the FR and MR piston pumps and FRM piston motor range.

Created in March 2019 to present the new FR2 double flow bent-axis iston pumps at the Bauma show, it quickly showcases its main features, such as the most compact bodies on the market and heavy duty performance

Bezares SA

New packaging and online manuals for piston pumps

We have developed new packaging for FR and MR piston pumps and FRM motors, with a more modern design that points to the future of our visual identity.

New packing design for FR / MR / FRM Piston pumps and motors

The new packaging design includes a QR code in its lid and side, linking to the new online manuals for the FR, MR and FRM. This allows a quick access or download of the PDF manual, reducing the amount of printed material used and helping to reduce the environmental impact.

The new manual is also available in our website and in external search engines, thus facilitating access for those who do not have a printed copy of the manual.

The Bezares bent-axis piston pumps will ship in their new packaging starting on May 2019

Bezares SA

Friday, March 29, 2019

Eaton Endurant: New PTOs available

Eaton Endurant: New PTOs available

In close collaboration with EATON, Bezares has developed a new range of PTOs for Eaton Endurant transmission, incorporating to the existing range the 8510 Series for the bottom opening and different PTOs for the rear opening.

The 8500/8510 Series is the strongest PTO developed by Bezares for the American market and it allows to work in very demanding applications of high torque and power.

The new rear PTOs combine a strong and flexible design with a rotated output which improves the position of the pump avoiding possible interferences with other elements of the vehicle. The PTOs are available with three different internal ratios and will allow you to get the best out of the gearbox, which can transmit a maximum torque of 382 Lb.ft (510 Nm).

The PTOs are available with three different internal ratios and will allow you to get the best out of the gearbox, which can transmit a maximum torque of 382 Lb.ft (510 Nm).

Endurant transmissions are equipped with an 8-Bolt bottom-opening and with a 4-Bolt rear-opening.

More information at:



Bezares, represented by its Master Distributor for Australia, GFR INDUSTRIES will be exhibiting at the Brisbane Truck Show, from the 16th to the 19th of May at the Brisbane Convention & Exhibition Centre.

Dating back to 1968, the Brisbane Truck Show is far more than a trade exhibition. It is a showcase of the amazing capabilities and capacity of the Australian heavy vehicle industry.

Through complementary activities within the show we will celebrate and promote the industry’s design, engineering, manufacturing and technology innovation, and the vital economic and highly-skilled employment footprint of our industry across Australia.

The 2019 Brisbane Truck Show is taking a series of further leaps ahead, as we cement its place as Australasia’s premier transport event. We’re adding a variety of new elements to the show which will focus more of the event on its business audience featuring dynamic and interactive tools and displays, demonstrations and information.

See you at booth MEZZ – 156!

Bezares SA

Bezares USA and EATON @ The Work Truck Show 2019

Bezares USA and EATON @ The Work Truck Show 2019

Bezares USA attended the North America’s largest commercial vehicle event, “The Work Truck Show”. We announced our recent agreement with Eaton to become the North American master distributor for our mobile power hydraulic portfolio.

Among other products, Eaton showed the new PTO range for their Endurant transmissions, Bezares 2010 and 4110 series. Available for gearbox models EEO-14F112C, EEO-15F112C, EEO-16F112C, EEO-17F112C, EEO-18F112C.

The Work Truck Show featured the newest trucks, vans, vehicle components and truck equipment on an exhibit floor covering more than 500,000 square feet. The event includes a robust educational conference with sessions designed to help attendees improve their operations.

Bezares SA

New PTO cross reference tool

New PTO cross reference tool

As part as our continuous improvement of online tools and resources, we have redesigned and updated our cross reference application making it more intuitive and functional, Available at this link:

This software permits to easily cross Chelsea and Muncie PTO part numbers into Bezares ones. Simply enter the Chelsea or Muncie reference in the respective field, and the application will display the crossover.

A vane pump crossover tool has also been added although it is nowadays under development, Available at this link:

Bezares SA

Thursday, February 28, 2019

Don't miss Bezares' booth @ Bauma 2019

Bezares will be exhibiting at the world’s leading trade fair, Bauma 2019.

The 32nd edition of Bauma, to be held in Munich from April 8 to 14, 2019, can already announce a new record number of exhibitors: More than 3,500 exhibitors from 55 countries will be there—almost 100 more than in 2016. What is more, the 600,000 visitors mark is ready to be passed.

Key facts about the latest Bauma (2016):
  • 605,000 m² of exhibition space
  • 3,425 exhibitors from 57 countries
  • 583,736 visitors from more than 200 countries
  • 1,423 journalists and media representatives
In this edition, Bezares will present its latest developments in hydraulic pumps and motors as well as new PTOs.

Looking forward to meet you at the Hall A4 – Stand 220.
Bezares SA

Soon: New product on FR, MR, FRM Piston pumps and Motors family

Stay tuned for big news in the FR / MR piston pumps family in 2019!

Bezares has a complete series of pumps and motors, divided into 3 sub-families, the reinforced heavy-duty FR series, the compact medium-duty MR series and the FRM bidirectional Motors series.

Reinforced series:
Heavy Duty Pumps for high pressures, up to 450 Bar with a
range of displacements from 19 to 110 cm3 / rev

compact series

for medium pressure applications, up to 300 Bar: These are compact, Medium-duty
models with large displacement (from 45 to 125 cm3 / rev)

FRM bidirectional motors series:
With displacements from 19 to 110 cm3 / rev, able to transmit torque, in continuous
work, ranging from 75 to 430 Nm (90 ÷ 520 Nm in intermittent)

In addition, the next few months reserve us some big news in the Bezares piston pumps line: The most advanced pump ever developed by Bezares that will compete in price and quality with the leading models in the market and promise to revolutionize our Piston Pumps offers.

For more information about the FR and MR family of pumps and motors, visit the MR Webpage, the FR webpage, the FRM piston motor Webpage or contact the commercial department.
Bezares SA

BZC winches: More robust than ever

Bezares' BZC winch - 2019 version with new cable tensioner

BZC winches are now more robust and reliable, due to a completely new cable tensioner system developed to extend the life of its components.

This new cable tensioners design preserves the rollers in the pressure zone to protect the cable, the rollers have been deliberately oversized to avoid cable trapping  when the cable enters the drum badly wound or with a knot. The pressure rollers have been manufactured in polyethylene to protect the cable at all times, while avoiding rubbing metal with metal with other components such as the drum.

The structure is made of 5mm thick folded and welded steel, giving greater rigidity to the

In addition, it has been added a simple system to regulate the pressure exerted on the cable, guaranteeing the perfect functioning of the system and adding an important advantage over the other offers on the market.

The new cable tensioner and pressure control system are compatible with previous models of the BZC winches and can be ordered individually with the code 9038825 so that all the users of the BZC winches can enjoy the 2019 model’s advantages.

For more
information, check out the BZC Winch Webpage or contact the commercial department.
Bezares SA