Wednesday, November 30, 2016

New 30 liters plastic tanks for side mounting

We proudly present our new 30 liters oiltanks for side mounting.

Manufactured in high density linear polyethylene with UV protection, which provides high durability and low weight. They are also equipped with oil filter, filler cap and level with thermometer.

With a more modern design, this new reservoir will soon replace the deposits with part number 90PS03T, renewing our side tanks in polyethylene line.

The new deposits are already available under the code XXXXXX

For more information contact our sales department

FR-60 - now with Ø2" suction fitting

The FR 60 pumps will include a suction fitting for Ø2" pipe instead of the current Ø1 1/2" pipe which will still be available on demand.

The Ø2" suction fitting reduces the fluid's speed and ensures proper pump feeding for any application, guaranteeing the pump's optimal output.

This fitting is pre-installed on all FR-60 pumps manufactured from January 2017. If you prefer, you can also order this fitting separately with the code 9035016.

For more information, please contact our commercial department

Tuesday, November 29, 2016

New By-Pass Valve Without relief valve

Responding to market demand, Bezares is introducing the new By-Pass without relief valve for bent axis piston pumps.

This new version, intended for use in circuits that already have relief valve, eliminates the integrated cartridge, thus offering a simpler and economical solution avoiding the redundancy of relief valves.

The new by-pass valves without relief valve are already available alongside with the relief valve-equipped models the part numbers:
Size With Relief valve Without relief valve
FR 40/60
FR 10.4/15.8
FR 80/110
FR 20.8/28.9

For more information, consult our Commercial Department

Improved manufacturing process - Vertical Honing

We incorporate at our manufacturing plant a new vertical honing machine with 4 spindles head and 6 positions table. With a compact design, this machine is provided with a 10HP spindle motor, feed system with servo motor / ballscrew for vertical positions adjustment, faster table indexing times and column shift.

Mincing, short run or repetition operations can be easily added through its touch screen controls, it is also possible to change the spindle and column speeds or program it to include complex profiles. Its tools allow you to drill and finish holes at once with an accuracy of up to 0.1 microns and allows loading and unloading automation by robotic interface.

With this new machine Bezares will increase its productivity and machining accuracy, resulting in reduced delivery times and better quality products.

Friday, October 28, 2016

New reinforced front PTO for Eaton, Mercedes, Volvo, ZF (Ecosplit, Astronic, TraXon)

Bezares have developed a new reinforced front PTO, with rotated output for Eaton, Mercedes, Volvo, ZF (Ecosplit, Astronic, TraXon) gearboxes with our integrated aluminum flanges. 

Its rotated 4 holes output, with the possibility of an additional 5th screw to improve heavy pumps support and two air inlets to avoid potential interference with the vehicle during assembly of the PTO. It also allows bayonet or pressure switch mounting.

Available in the first quarter of 2017 with three internal relations

Output Type1: 1.81: 1.51: 1.3

For more information contact our sales department

New Bull+ winches

One year after the launch of our Bull 3500kg winch, with great market acceptance, we proudly announce the Bull+ 3500 and 4600 enhanced versions, with a new cable fastening system, similar to that we have at the BZC family. This way, the Bull winches will offer the same safety standards than the flagship BZC winches.

This development reinforces Bezares' commitment to safety and continuous improvement of its products.

For more information, pricing and availability, please contact our commercial department.

New remote operation for Bull winches

Bezares has developed a new pneumatic clutch to allow remote operation of the Bull winches, adding convenience and efficiency in the operation. As in the traditional mechanical clutch, this pneumatic clutch has 360º adjustable air inlet and electric end of stroke valve that can be incorporated into the control circuit to display correct engagement / disengagement signal, thereby increasing safety at the vehicle's collection operation.

The new pneumatic clutch is included in the Bull + winches with part numbers 9033325 and 9033925. In addition we provide a remote operation kit that can replace the mechanical clutch originally supplied with your Bull winch, by this new solution (part number 9030025).

For pricing and availability, please contact our commercial department

New BZC+ winches

Reaffirming our commitment to continually improve our product range, we announce the new BZC+ winches. This evolution of our flagship recovery winches line features a new cable press with a modern design, similar to that currently included in the Bull and Bull+ models.

The new cable press is a surface-based based system rather than rollers, guaranteeing a better pressure distribution in both the cable and the cable press, reducing wear and ensuring greater durability of the whole system.

Contact our commercial department and we will be glad to offer more details and prices.

Bezares participation at IAA 2016

Bezares SA is proud to summarize our participation at the 65th IAA Commercial Vehicles, the world’s leading trade fair for mobility. 

We where there, with a large number of exciting innovations in our product line as in his presentation at our booth. Between the many news and developments shown at our booth we could highlight the new shaft and flange for ZF traxon and the new Engine PTO for Volvo.

We would like to thanks everyone who visited us at IAA, we are excited about the many business opportunities found at this edition of IAA and are looking forward to see you all again next year.

Friday, July 29, 2016

AVAILABLE NOW - Adapter kit for ZF TraXon Transmissions

Our new ZF TraXon adapter kit is already available. This new adapter allows direct mounting of double-output and heavy-duty PTOs fixed with 6 bolts or 1:1.53 rotated PTO fixed with an additional fifth screw that enables the use of bigger pumps reducing problems caused by bending torque on the transmission. It can also be mounted with our standard S6-90 PTOs (1:1, 1:1.30, 1:1.32, y 1:1.72) fixed with 4 bolts.

The TraXon Series, composed of a modular system with compact dimenssions, offers a wide range of applications. Available in direct drive or overdrive, these transmissions can transfer torques of 3000 Nm, which is interesting for heavy vehicles up to 60 tons.

This new kit allows to adapt all our S6-90 PTOs to the new ZF Traxon Transmissions:
  • 12TX-1410 /1610 /1810 /2010 /2210 /2420 /2620 /2820 TD/16.69-1.0
  • 12TX-1610 /1810 /2010 /2210 /2410 /2610 /2820 /3020 /3220 /3420 TO/12.92-0.77
  • 16TX-1640 /1840 /2040 /2240 /2440 /2640 /2840 TD/17.94-1.0
  • 16TX-1840 /2040 /2240 /2440 /2640 /2840 /3040 /3240 /3440 TO/14.68-0.82 

For more information, please contact our sales department with the part no. 1028804

AVAILABLE NOW - Volvo Engine PTO for D13 and D16

The new Engine PTO for Volvo D13 and D16 is already available. This PTO allows to mount a ISO 4 bolt pump on the rear right side of the motor.

This PTO has a reduced number of moving parts, providing greater reliability during operation. As the power comes directly from the engine, it can be used with the vehicle in motion or stopped, making it ideal for applications that require continuous operation, such as refrigerated trucks, sweepers, etc.

With this new release, Bezares reinforces the commitment of expanding its PTO range providing solutions for all models and applications.

For more information, contact our sales department with the part no. 7022904


The new two gears side-mounted PTO for Shaanxi 8JS-105TA is now available. Different internal ratios comprising from 55% to 165%. Mounted on the 8 holes opening on the left side of the transmission, this constant mesh PTO with pneumatic shifting offers different output options:

- ISO 4 holes, SAE B, BB SAE ... to mount a pump
- SAE 1100/1300/1400, DIN 90/100 drive flanges for coupling with a transmission

It is also possible to order it with mechanical or vacuum single acting actuators.

This new pto increases our range for the Chinese market, reinforcing our expansion in Asian markets and complementing the product line used in different applications.

For more information contact our sales department with the part no. 301503

Tuesday, May 31, 2016

3300 - lubricated (Wet Spline) SAE B output shaft for Allison

Bezares keep Developing Solutions for our Allison PTOs, as this new lubricated output shaft SAE B version for our 3300 PTO.

The new 'Wet Spline' Option has the advantage of providing more wear protection on the output shaft for factors such as friction or vibration.
This through a new oil dipping flange into the splined shaft to the output of the PTO, thus extending the life of the PTO and hydraulic pump.

Especially suitable for Heavy Duty Applications Requiring Many drives or vehicles equipped with powerful and ligh engines, being able to transmit more torque to the gearbox and therefore to the PTO.

For more information, you may contact our sales department.

Tailor-made powerpacks

Bezares offers tailor-made powerpacks according to customer's application.

This unit belongs to a project for machinery with limited installation space (0.75kW single phase motor, pump 0.8 / rev, 1.5L plastic tank and various modular valves: non-return valve, flow control and directional CETOP 03 valve).

Our tailor-made mini powerpacks offer a quick way to install the ideal system for your application, eliminating the adaptation need and reducing the assembly and maintenance time.

For more customized solutions, please contact our sales department.

Manufacturing processes improvements - technology, quality and innovation

In order to improve our manufacturing processes and ensure maximum precission in machining high performance parts, we have incorporated an innovative compact milling center with integrated CNC lathe at our production process. It allows machining high efficiency parts with complex shapes, through the perfect combination of lathe and milling, while achieving our goals of improving the automation, higher precision and energy saving, essential to the hydraulic industry of tomorrow.

This new machine is provided with a powerful and reliable milling head, plus a motorized 10 positions turret. Both systems working together allow any complex forms machining operation, which can be made with 5-axis and simultaneous chip removal for maximum reliability while reducing machining time.

Its configuration includes 2 heads with automatic transfer and movement synchronization, automatic tool storage and a high degree of automation in positioning, machining and measuring parts.

Thanks to this investment, we are able to manufacture even more complex pieces, with a greater guarantee of our product's high quality and durability.