Monday, September 6, 2021

New heavy-duty PTO for MB

New heavy-duty PTO for MB

Bezares has developed an improved version of the PTO 07221K03for MB transmissions G131, G210, G211, G141-9, G221, G230, G231, G240, G241, G260, G280, G281, G330, G230, whose main feature is to fit in vehicles with the main transmission flange diameter wider than 180 mm.

This new compact version reduces the distance between the opening of the transmission and the hydraulic pump by 1/3, optimizing the bending moment of the latter to the maximum, which favours the mounting of heavier pumps.

The higher transmission ratio enables to increase the speed of the application without increasing the engine revolutions. This helps reduce consumption and emissions generated by combustion, resulting in greater sustainability for the environment.

Available in ISO 4 holesSAE BB 2/4 hole Z = 15 and flange outputs.

For more information, ask about the code 07264K03to our commercial department

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New Customer Area at

As a part of our Digitalization 2.0 project, Bezares has recently renewed its Customer Area for its site and global sites.

The new site consist of 4 tools to get the main information you need automatically and 3 forms to improveand simplifythe communication process.


1 – Product Documentation

With this tool you can easily look for technical datasheets, spare parts or mounting Instructions in English or Spanish.

All you need is the part number of the required product.

2 – PTO Search

Find all the PTOs compatible with an specific transmission and its features in an easy chart.

All you need is the manufacturer and model of the transmission

3 – Price list/ Stock Information

Check out the regular prices as well as stock availability (Spanish warehouse only).

All you need is either a part number or a product partial description.

4 – Special prices and discounts

Check all the special discounts you have as well as special prices for any Bezares product.

All you need is the product part number.


1 – Fitting configurator

An easy way to specify custom fitting orders.

All the necessary fields and available options are easily visible and you need to completely fill it before sending it.

2 – Customer Satisfaction Survey

Let us know how is your experience with Bezares and help us to improve in the future

3 – CPIP (Continuous Product Improvement Program)

The main product feedback tool! As part of the CPIP program we stablished a direct feedback tool to gather marketing needs and trends for new releases as well as improvements to the current product line.

How to Access the new customer Area?

  1. Contact your designated account manager to open your customer account
  2. Login at with your username and password
  3. Access the customer area at

Tips and tricks:

  • Product Descriptions Use The 1st Letter On Uppercase Only
  • You can install the webpage locally in your computer or cell phone for quicker access by clicking at the 3 dots and selecting “Install” (or “add to the start screen”)
Bezares SA - Leading hydraulic manufacturer

New Bezares Learning centre

New Bezares Learning centre

Bezares is proud to announce our new e-learning centre at as part of our Digitalization 2.0 project

This new e-learning centre is a step forward on assembling and maintenance training and certification and it will join our new digital ecosystem such as:

  • webpage
  • Bezares corporate Cloud system
  • Bezares Blogs

This new e-learning portal is integrated with our main webpage allowing Bezares customers to easily engage in training and certifications without the need for a new account creation.

All our courses will have a Bezares Certificate with an easy way to verify its authenticity.

Our new learning portal is already in BETA testing phase and is planned to be fully operative in 2022.

For more information on our new certification program, consult our after-sales department

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Friday, July 2, 2021

New distribution agreement between Bezares and Autosur del Levante for Catalonia and the Balearic Islands

Bezares is pleased to announce a new commercial distribution agreement with Autosur de Levante. After the great commercial work carried out by Autosurin the Valencian Community in recent years, as of next July 1 it will also become the authorized distributor for the Catalonia and Balearic areas.

Autosur del Levante is a Valencian company with more than 40 years of experience in the repair and sale of industrial gearboxes, steering wheels, axles, automatic gearboxes for tourism and the sale and distribution of spare parts for industrial vehicles.

This new challenge will mean a notable improvement for all our clients in both Catalonia and the Balearic Islands, as it will allow us to provide more personalized commercial attention and advice as well as increase our efficiency in the delivery and after-sales service.

Our Barcelona delegation, meanwhile, will close its facilities at the end of this month of June, and immediate continuity with the service will be given as of July 1 from the Autosur facilities in Barcelona, located in the Can Bernades Subirá area, where they will have our entire wide range of products, as well as qualified personnel to meet their needs.

Last but not least, our colleague Eric Palacios will become part of the Autosur del Levante staff, providing all the technical and commercial knowledge, while Ignacio Pérez will continue to develop his work as Sales Manager of Catalonia. Both will give continuity to the excellent service and commercial attention that they had been giving from our Delegation of Bezares Barcelona.

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Bezares donate Oxygen Concentrators for India

Helping overcome this crisis is a task of all of us and Bezares has a deep belief that strengthening our social responsibility is the best way to overcome all the difficulties as persons, company, and society.

Due to the concerns over the serious COVID crisis in India, Bezares and its Indian subsidiary Bezares Alpha Drives have taken the initiative to donate oxygen concentrators to help overcome the difficult current situation in Coimbatore.

The beneficiaries of this donation are PHCs and smaller Private hospitals in Coimbatore. The material donated includes 18 professional Oxygen concentrators DEDAKJ.

Using German technology, these oxygen concentrators can provide steady high purity oxygen with molecular sieve that guarantees the oxygen concentration and its pump ensures a quiet operation with noise level lower than 45db.

Bezares will keep caring for the safety of its workers, partners, and communities around and supporting its various healthcare systems in this fight. We will overcome this crisis together!

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Hännel warehouse

With the aim of increasing the productivity and efficiency of its factories, Bezares has updated its Hännel storage systems, increasing the speed with which the components are stored or recovered, thus guaranteeing minimum waiting times enabling continuous production without interruptions.

Bezares will continue to invest in the modernization of its factories and production processes to guarantee the quality of Bezares products with the highest possible efficiency in their manufacturing processes.

Bezares SA - Leading hydraulic manufacturer

Bezares improves the recycling system

Bezares, in its commitment to the environment, has renewed the recycling system of its factory, with 2 new larger compactors, thus increasing the efficiency of the recycling process.

The new compactors, 100kg and 400kg respectively, are semi-automatic models, which allow larger batches resulting in more material being recycled with less human intervention.

The reduction of emissions in the production process, as well as the recycling of all possible material are integral parts of Bezares' commitment to the environment, evidenced by our ISO 14001 environmental certification as well as the use of 100% renewable energy.

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Tuesday, June 1, 2021

New Reinforced Mammoth Winches

New Reinforced Mammoth Winches

The new Mammoth E70 is now available for sale, complementing our new line of heavy duty winches.

Announced in 2020, the new Mammoth winches are the evolution of our well-known BZC winches and follow the same naming scheme as the Bull compact and lightweight winches.

In addition to the new branding and appearance, which includes new paint, the new Mammoth winches feature several improvements, such as a redesigned clutch, a new cable tensioner, and several small changes to allow mounting in different positions.

Among the main changes we can highlight:

  • New TOP-Mounted Clutch - Adds new mounting positions by keeping side puller and pneumatic options.
  • Polyethylene cable tensioner with adjustable tension.
  • Tensioner rotation for special mounting.
  • Possibility of mounting on steel profiles with 2 adjustable heights.
  • Gearbox housing and drum supports painted.
  • New brand and logo.

The new Mammoth maintains the same robustness that made the BZC winch one of our best-selling products of the last ten years.

The new Mammoth E70 winches are now available under the codes:

E50 (5000Kg) – 9038525

E70 (7000Kg) – 9040025

For more information, please contact our sales department.

Bezares SA - Leading hydraulic manufacturer

PTO 3151 with helical gears

PTO 3151 with helical gears

Bezares continues to be committed to its Continuous Product Improvement Program (PMCP) that regularly analyzes the feedback from our customers to implement improvements in our product line.

If last month we told you about the new DR output in the reinforced series of 3151 PTOs for Allison gearboxes, this time we want to inform you of another thing: Bezares is working on a new version of Power Take-off with internal gears with helical carving, which reduce the idle noise, reducing the overall noise level of the hydraulic system. This option is ideal for night work or in environments where noise level is an important factor.

The 3151 series has a built-in clutch, which allows it to be installed in automatic Allison gearboxes, as well as in applications that require activating the PTOs with the vehicle in motion or where a high number of actuations is necessary.

At the moment, this new version of 3151 Series with helical gears is available for internal ratios G (78%) or M (97%) with codes starting with: 3151HGM63___ or 3151HMM63___.

For more information, please contact our commercial department.

Bezares SA - Leading hydraulic manufacturer



After a long and difficult season, trade fairs and events are back, and for this reason, Bezares will be presenting its latest news and developments at the Smopyc 2021 fair that will take place in November in Zaragoza.

Likewise, we will show new online tools such as the new customer area, the new cloud and the online training center, which brings Bezares into the new digital era.

We will be exhibiting in hall 6, stand 46. We look forward to your visit!

Bezares SA - Leading hydraulic manufacturer

New EPIS Kanban managed by WÜRTH

New EPIS Kanban managed by WÜRTH

Bezares continues to improve its assembly line with the aim of achieving a "Just in Time" assembly schedule to improve manufacturing efficiency, logistics and inventory management.

To this end, we have just launched a new Kanban system that will be available on the entire manufacturing plant, managed by WÜRTH, thus ensuring immediate availability of the necessary material and maximum safety for our workers, allowing Bezares to focus on what we do best, high-quality hydraulic engineering.

Bezares will continue to improve all its manufacturing processes to optimize its resources, reduce environmental impact and achieve greater logistics efficiency.

Bezares SA - Leading hydraulic manufacturer

Friday, April 30, 2021

New electric actuator

New electric actuator

Following our CPIP (Continuous Product Improvement Process), Bezares has developed a new and improved electric actuator for PTOs compatible with all models with the easy engagement system.

This new system, based on a low consumption solenoid, applies a force of 40 Kg during the connection. Thanks to the easy synchronization system, this single-acting actuator guarantees a faster engagement.

This new actuator has been tested for months to guarantee its perfect operation, maintenance-free and long service life.

It also has an emergency manual override, which allows the power take-off to be operated in the event of a power failure in the application.

The new electric actuator is now available on the Iveco 2840.6, 5S-200, 2832.6, 2835.6, Mitsubishi M037S6, Nissan M5-35, M5-40, ZF 5S-270, 6S-300, 6S-350, 6S. 380, 6S-420 PTO’s and separately to be added to existing PTO’s that have the easy engagement system.

For more information, please contact our Sales Department.

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New improved Measuring Machinery for the Bezares production line

New improved Measuring Machinery for the Bezares production line

With quality and productivity being key competitive advantages for Bezares, it’s crucial that our measurement processes provides all the data required overcoming the precision needed for the process.

That’s why Bezares just acquired a new Dea Global S Green 7.10.7, a state-of-the-art designed by Pininfarina and developed by Hexagon Metrology, with a precision higher than 2µm, duplicating that of our previous equipment.

This new equipment bring us key advantages, compared to our previous equipment, such as:

  • 400% increase in measurement productivity
  • 3 times increase in the measurement area
  • 1 pass measurement for many products

Besides, it offers the possibility to further expand its capabilities in the future with technologies such as 3D laser scanner.

The new measuring equipment will be fully operational on June 2021 and Bezares will keep improving its products and production processes according to its CPIP (Continuous Product Improvement Process).

Bezares SA - Leading hydraulic manufacturer

Wednesday, April 28, 2021

Bezares Digitalization Project 2.0 (includes installable webpages and self-hosted cloud)

Bezares Digitalization Project 2.0 (includes installable webpages and self-hosted cloud)

Following the fundamental suggestion of the 2016 McKinsey and CECE research, where digitalization is recognized by manufacturers as the main technology trend, Bezares has been doing a significant investment in technology since then, with very positive results.

Digital transformations are indeed happening in the hydraulic sector, as much as in other parts of the larger construction industry and Bezares wants to take a leading position.

That is why in 2021 Bezares is doubling down on its efforts with self-hosted personalized solutions adapted exactly to our needs.

And the changes are not just consumer facing, initiatives such as installable offline webpages are an industry first and very useful, but the greatest changes came in the backstage, the ones you don't see but are surely making the difference.

How many companies in the sector host their own cloud computing system?

We don't know the answer yet, but we do know how it is to be one of the few.

Bezares SA - Leading hydraulic manufacturer

Friday, April 23, 2021

Bezares commitment to non-polluting vehicles in its factory

Bezares commitment to non-polluting vehicles in its factory

In its commitment to the environment and to reducing emissions, Bezares has just acquired a new electric forklift Jungheinrich EFG320.

This new measure adds to the electric vehicles already in the factory, the use of 100% renewable energy since 2020 and the use of solar energy since 2007.

The switch to electric propulsion leads to an improvement in safety, air quality and noise reduction inside the factory. Likewise, this contributes to a general reduction in the use of non-renewable energy and consequently in total emissions from the manufacture of Bezares products. Bezares will continue to advance in his measures for a cleaner future, because a green world is a better world.

Bezares SA - Leading hydraulic manufacturer